Thanks, to all, for your support for me as a bit of a relic of music past - a “jazz pianist”. The title sounds like a throw -back to a time when everything was black and white, before the invention of color. I vowed, when I was a beginning jazz artist, that I would never, never, be one of those "old" guys playing in a bar while no one listened. I think I thought that would be when I was in my fifties. Jeez, here I am in my eighties playing jazz to audiences who are talking louder than my contribution, all the while I am still searching for that perfect lick, that perfect combination of chords, that perfect voicing of chords, that singularly beautiful improvised melody. My fingers, finding (or not finding) the sweet spot. My performance perhaps closer to the truth than any moment ever before. All the while forgetting the bridge to a tune I've played a zillion times. Or playing a tune, while a “standard” to me, is totally unrecognizable to a much younger audience. And made worse because I suddenly don’t remember the tune’s name. Ah, that's me. The aging minstrel still struggling for purity.


Welcome Performances

Barney McClure has seven feature CDs on the market and one book on improvisational theory entitled There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake. Check them out.

Barney's book, There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake, is a "how-to" in improvisational jazz and is a popular hit with teachers who use it as a curriculum guide, and with instrumentalists and vocalists at any level who can use it as a self-help guide.

Barney & Diane now live in Ukiah, CA where Barney has coupled with bassist Pierre Archain and they do their duo thing as “Jazz Dudes.” They have created a steady weekly performance at the Ukiah Brewing Company and are actually building an audience for their jazz. For more information, sign up on Barney’s email for an occasional notice at, or contact me at:

E: Barney McClure
(206) 707-6651