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My dad was a jazz trumpet player from the Big Band Swing era. I can remember when I was a child hearing him whistling or scatting along with the melody of a tune on the radio. Very early I learned it was ok to do such a thing. Later I recognized that improvisational music, particularly jazz, was a language among participants. My approach in There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake is to share with you what I have learned on the bandstand, and how to use that information expediently. My goal is to cut to the chase in what I call Bandstand Theory.

There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake will walk you through basic improvisational theory with exercises and demonstrations.

I am proud to represent another collection of music wisdom of the late Ray Reed, an incredibly talented reed player out of Los Angeles who composed hundreds of compositions over the many years of his career – 43 of which were picked to be notated and put into a book by his good friend, Bob Irvine. The book along with it's associated CD is ubiquitous in that each tune is available PDF format in concert pitch, Bb horn, and Eb horn parts. Ray Reed was known for his work with Johnny Mandel, Bill Holman, Frank Zappa, and with Med Flory’s Super Sax. My footprint is all over this publication in that I did the notation of all using Finale, did the formatting using Indesign, and did all graphics, text, and photo conversion.

A fun collection of tunes for the budding jazz player, $24.95.

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