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Barney McClure is at that point in life and his career where one does a lot of reflection. This is a euphemism for what “old” musicians do in life. While I am still performing a lot and getting paid for it, the compliment is not lost on this “old” piano player / composer. Thanks all for the support! Thanks to my body for getting me through all of the bad stuff a musician can do it in a lifetime – and still be functioning! Yay, and kudos to me. (Wait, where are my glasses? Oh, yeah. On my head. What day is today and am I supposed to be playing somewhere with someone? Who? Oh, yeah. Never mind, I got it!)

While you are visiting my site, take a look at my book There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake! For whatever reason known to marketing gurus way above me, it is still selling and I am often contacted by persons who enjoy the book.

And, there is more. Take a look in the BMP Publishing icon above to find another book I am representing as I did all of the notation, graphics, formatting, and construction in it. The book is a collection by friend and publisher, Bob Irvine, of the late Ray Reed, saxophonist extraordinaire, original compositions for concert pitch, Bb, and Eb instruments.

And – thanks for the support. Now, what did I do with my keys?

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Barney McClure
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